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Software for the Adobe Creative Suite.

3520 print HKS-full tone colors.

The sofware »HKS Creative toool 3000 +" represents 3,520 print HKS-full tone colors from the HKS color tables K (coated paper) and N (uncoated paper) are available.
129.50 €
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Software for Designer
The application has a direct interface to the Adobe Creative Suite Version 2 to CC 2017 and is compatible with MAC OS 10.4 - 10.11 and Windows Vista – Windows 10. There is a numerical and an intuitive color selection mode. In the intuitive mode, colors, similar in Photoshop, selected by pipette. The software always automatically generated then the selected tone the closest print HKS-solid color for coated paper and uncoated paper. In addition, each color of the corresponding CMYK value is stored for coated paper and uncoated paper.
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