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The reliable reference for printing - the two guides HKS 3000 + each show 3,520 HKS spot colors for coated paper and uncoated paper.
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The 3,520 full tone colors
of "HKS 3000 + K" and "HKS 3000 + N" have been developed on the basis of the 88 classic HKS-colors. There are now 39 shades that are available in solid colors in proven HKS color fidelity for each HKS base color. Our color books »HKS 3000 + K" and "HKS 3000 + N" guarantee optimal color matching in printing this spot colors on coated paper and uncoated paper. The set comes in a practical color garage. substrate Since then, the HKS-K was printed pockets on original art paper Phoeno Grand 115g / m² Scheufelen. Because today the majority of print jobs are produced on glossy art paper, now this practice has been and the HKS Warenzeichenverband eV for the new edition of the current HKS K subjects to chose the printing Praxiprint 115g / m² to use. In order to offer even over a long period the best possible color fidelity, the original recipes of the HKS-colors have not been changed. Given the revised paper features a visual color difference can be perceived in comparison to earlier editions subjects may in some original colors. Therefore, we always recommend to the hue selection pressure and adaptation to the current edition of the HKS fan resorting
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