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Colourmatch 22 matches HKS 22K!

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Release Date: December 2013
Edition: 20000

»HKS Colourmatch 22«
»HKS colourmatch 22 matches HKS 22K!« 5 full tone spot colours on basis of HKS 22 K and many stories about the amazing "22" are published in the latest HKS Colourmatch edition. Font: Bloo and Caporal by Damien Gautier - Colourmatch No. 22uses only the following spot colours: HKS 22 K-90-50, HKS 22 K-100-00, HKS 22 K-50-30, HKS 22 K-30-00, HKS 53 K-30-00.
The HKS COLOUR MATCH 22 is printed 100 % with the following full tone colours