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Colourmatch 19 - COLOURS OF THE SEA

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Release Date: September 2012
Edition: 12000

»HKS Colourmatch 19«
COLOURS OF THE SEA The seas cover over more than 70 percent of the earth’s surface. The entire volume of water on earth amounts to some 1,500 million cubic kilometres. 94 percent of this is sea. All life on our planet comes from the sea. Yet the seas are in danger. Colourmatch 19 supplies a few hard facts. Fonts: ASPIC by Gareth Hague – and AF MODULE by Dirk Wachowiak — “Colourmatch No. 19” uses only the following spot colours: HKS 41 N-80-30, HKS 47 N-60-00, HKS 48 N-80-00, HKS 49 N-90-30, HKS 53 N-60-00.
The HKS COLOUR MATCH 19 is printed 100 % with the following full tone colours