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Colourmatch 12 - Will you be cashing in?

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Release Date: October 2010
Edition: 25000

»HKS Colourmatch 12«
In “Colourmatch No. 12”, we ask the all-important question: “Will you be cashing in?” Don’t bank on it. These notes are genuine counterfeits printed on the finest paper using only HKS 3ooo+ spot colours. Fonts: SCULPTURA – Walter J. Diethelm (1957), GENERIKA MONO Alexander Meyer (2008), MARLBORO –, THOROWGOOD – W. Thorowgood (1836) | Elsner/Flake Designstudios (1985). “Colourmatch No. 12” uses only the following spot colours: HKS 3 N-80-10, HKS 26 N-90-30, HKS 54 N-50-10, HKS 56 N-100-50, HKS 99 N-90-10 Paper: Munken Print white, 90g/qm, 1,5 Volume, Igepa article-Nr. 32917-10
The HKS COLOUR MATCH 12 is printed 100 % with the following full tone colours