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Colourmatch 10 - CURRYWURST

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Release Date: July 2010
Edition: 5000

»HKS Colourmatch 10«
Issue No. 10 is all about sausage. Curried sausage. CURRYWURST is a project by Ramona Heiligensetzer, Helen Hauert and Benjamin Kivikoski. The display font currently has 5 styles, 3 of which are basic fonts: CURRYWURST LIGHT, CURRYWURST REGULAR, and CURRYWURST FETT. The other two designs – CURRYWURST FRAGMENTE and CURRYWURST PUNZE – allow the typeface to be modified using elements of the font family. The authors, all of whom are students at ABK Stuttgart (Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design), are currently developing the fonts into display versions. Hungry? Well then, enjoy your meal, because “All u need is CURRYWURST & HKS 3ooo+.” “Colourmatch No. 10” uses only the following spot colours: HKS 84 N-100-50, HKS 13 N-90-50, HKS 5 N-90-10, HKS 67 N-100-10, HKS 6 N-60-50
The HKS COLOUR MATCH 10 is printed 100 % with the following full tone colours