Colourmatch Abo

Colourmatch 09 - GRINGO & RAUSCHEN

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Release Date: May 2010
Edition: 3500

»HKS Colourmatch 09«
Our current eight-page issue contains two new fascinating typefaces, both rather promising thematically. GRINGO by Peter Brugger and RAUSCHEN by Felix Stumpf. “Filigree” vs. “bulky” typography. A theme that really lets us experiment with five different HKS special colours. See for yourself… it's a true love and a sure shot! “Colourmatch No. 10” uses only the following spot colours: HKS 4 N-80-00, HKS 15 N-90-30, HKS 29 N-80-00, HKS 46 N-30-00, HKS 47 N-90-10 Paper: Maxi Offset 100g/qm
The HKS COLOUR MATCH 9 is printed 100 % with the following full tone colours